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Rabbi Ephraim Schwartz CEO and Guide


Rabbi Ephraim Schwartz originally hails from Oak Park, Michigan and has spent years involved in Jewish Educational Outreach Work. He studied in Yeshivas of higher learning in Long Beach, New York, Stamford Conneticut, Lakewood, New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York including recieving a degree from Touro College. In New York he ran College campus programs in Brooklyn PolyTech and Long Island University. From New York Rabbi Schwartz moved to Des Moines Iowa as part of the Community Kollel and as Director of Outreach teaching in the various community Synagogues of all denominations as well as initiating programs at University of Iowa, Iowa State, Grinell and Drake University. From Iowa Rabbi Schwartz went to the East Coast where he founded the Norfolk Area Community Kollel developing Jewish outreach programs in all the local Synagogues, JCC and Jewish Federation as well as the local Community Schools, collegiate programs and Universities. The next stop was in Seattle Washington where Rabbi Schwartz founded the West Seattle TLC (Torah Learning Center) as a synagogue open to Jews from all backgrounds and a learning center for the Seattle Community Kollel with classes and programs and local missions to Israel.


In 2010 Rabbi Schwartz finally came back home to the Holy Land with his wife Aliza and 5 children. He lives in Karmiel in the north where he founded the Young Israel of Karmiel a synagogue that has welcomed over 50 families and who have moved here over the past few years and a synagogue and community that prides itself on its diverse membership with Jews from all backgrounds, Hareidi, Modern Orthodox, Baalei Teshuva, Olim/New Immigrants and native Sabras, Ashkenaz and Sefardic religous and secular.


Rabbi Schwartz brings his love of Israel and his fellow Jews to every tour and his enthusiasm and great sense of humor touches each ones soul. His weekly E-Mail and blog reaches over  2000 readers each week and has had over 90,000 hits. On your trip to Israel you are looking for someone that will make sure to make your trip memorable and will make sure that everyone has a great inspiring time. Don't settle for anything less than Our Holyland Tours. 

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