Sample Itineraries



Northern Coastline-

 Mt. Carmel- Elijah the prophet, Morad Liqour Winery, Akko-Old city-British Prison, Turkish bath, musuem Crusader Tunnels, Ramchal and  Tunisian Synagogue, Rosh Hanikra cable car and grottos. Speed boating, Haifa, 

Lower Galile & Jezreel Valley- Zichron Yackov historic sites, Carmel winery. escape room, horse back riding, jeep tour, Tzippori Talmudic city, Beit Shearim Ancient Burial site, grave of Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi, Megiddo, ATV, Biblical sites of Gideon, Saul, King David, Nachal Kibbutzim water hike and slides,Gan Guru Kangaroo park, Kfar Kedem- Donkey rides,pita making, Talmudic Experience, Gilboa Rapelling, Bee farm, Duck farm,

Upper Galile-  Meron-grave of Rashbi, Peki'in Rashbi Cave, Tzefat- old city synagogues, Artist galleries and ancient Jewish cemetery, Tefillin factory, Jeeping in the upper Galile mountains. Amuka grave of Rabbi Yontan Ben Uziel and anti-gravity road, Dalton and Rimon winery and cheese factory. Nachal Amud water hike, Ropes course and Zipline, Rapelling

Galile Panhandle-Hula Valley Nature Reserve Multi-media Bird presentation and migration outlook. Ayelet Hashachar shooting range (Uzis and M16s for all ages!)  Bicycling the Hula Lake, Hatzor Grave of Honi HaMaagel,  Rafting down the Jordan River. Rapelling, ATV, Menara-alpine slide and cable car lookout, Tel Dan archeological site, 

Golan Heights- Mt.Bental Syrian Overlook, Tel Facher 6-Day war

site, El Rom/Emek HaBacha-Yom Kippur War site, Yarden Winery, Katzrin Ancient Talmudic Site, Nachal Gilabun, Yehudia, Banias, Zavitan, El Al, De Karina Chocolate Factory, Robotic Farm,  Gush Katif Museum, ATV, Jeep Rides, Water Hikes, horse back riding, Fruit picking, Rapelling

Kinneret and Jordan Valley

Tiberias-Old city, Boardwalk, graves of Rabbi Akiva/Ramchal, Ramabam and Tanaim, Rebbe Meir Baal Hanes, Kinneret water activities, Hot springs, Madrassa Water hike, ATV rides, Ancient Gesher & multi-media hydro-electric plant tour, Island of Peace, Jeep rides Sdei Eliyahu Kibbutz visit, Beit Shean 


Jerusalem- Old City-Kotel, Southern Wall, Davidson Center, Herodian Street, Burnt House, Old Yishuv Museum, City of David Cardo, Churva and Sefardic Synagogues, David Citadel, Dig for a day.

New City- Yad Vashem, Israel Museum, Tayelet and Segway, Begin Museum Knesset, Supreme Court Mt Herzl Military cemetery, Ammunition Hill, Music museum, Machane Yehudah Shuk tasting tour, 

Tel Aviv and Coastline- Tel Aviv-Palmach Musuem, Independence Hall, Blind and Deaf Musuem, Machon Ayalon Bullet Factory, Jaffa port, Shuk HaCarmel artist fair, Diaspora museum,  Casarea- Old city, Scuba diving, Atlit- British Detention Camp and Musuem, Dor-Techelet tour,

Shefela Lowlands-Cave of Netifim/Stalagtite Caves, Latrun tank Musuem, Lazer Tag, Biblical sites of David and Goliath, Samson, Samuel, Beit Shemesh and ancient historic sites of Bar Kochva, Talmudic villages, ATV, Beit Guvrin archaeological dig, Mini Israel, Animals of Tanach Museum, Police Museum


Gush Etzion and Hebron-  Derech Avot/Path of the Forefathers, Kfar Etzion Museum multi-media, Etzion Winery, Caliber 3 Counter Terrorism training unit,  Hebron- Cave of Forefathers, King David's home, Beit Hadassah, Avraham Synagogue, Rachel's Tomb, Deer Park-Jeep, ATV, Zipline, Bread making workshop, Tzomet institute

Lower Hebron Hills- Maon Farm, chocolate factory, Susiya Talmudic site and synaggogue, Biblical stories King David, Yatir winery, Isvei Kedem-ancient spice and herb tour, Glass and ceramic crafts activities

Dead Sea region-Mitzpeh Yericho, Camel Rides, Ein Gedi water hike and ancient synagogue, Masada, Dead Sea and spa, Jeep rides in Judean Desert, Visit Bedouin Tent, Mt.Azazel. Ein Bokek hike, Sodom- Lot's wife cave.

Negev and South- Biblical sites of Arad and Beer Sheva, Beer Sheva Air Force Museum, Sdei Boker-Ben Gurion Home and Grave, Mitzpeh Ramon, Ilan Ramon Museum, Maktesh/Craters, Jeep rides, Segway, Yad Mordechai Warsaw Ghetto Museum, Bee Farm, Sandboarding


Eilat-  Solomon's pillars, Tabernacle/Mishkan model,Hikes and overlooks of four countries, speed boating, scuba diving, snorkeling, jeep and ATV Rides, IMAX theater, Underwater observatory, glass bottom boat,Arava Valley, Crocodile Farm,  

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