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IWelcome to God's Country, the Promised Land, the Land where dreams come true, where every Jew not only feels that he is returning to his roots, but he is also touching the same earth  where our ancestors dwelled, farmed, frolicked and raised their families as they built the Land of God that would shine out to the entire world.


At Our Holyland Tours we believe in providing you with the ultimate touring experience. With our internationally acclaimed staff and under the leadership of our founder Rabbi Ephraim Schwartz we guarantee you an experience that will last a lifetime and that will want you coming back for more. Our clientel includes Jews from all backgrounds and orientations, from Hasidic, Orthodox, Modern Orthodox to Conservative, Reform and unfafilliated. We specialize in personalized tours for each family according to their interests and ages. Each day includes fun hikes, nature, historical and biblical sites and stories as well as fun activities that run the range from jeeping, rapelling, rafting, and even shooting ranges, and of course good food and even Israel's excellent winery tours.

We are also happy to help with all aspects of your vacaction and trip to Israel. From accomadations, car rental, personal driver or minibus, as well as cell phone provider and airport pickup, we've got you covered.


We also provide Group Tours, Synagogue or organization trips as well as Bar and Bat Mitzva events. For no extra fees we take care of all your event and group needs.


Our Tours cover the entire country. The Golan, Upper and Lower Galile, The Coastline, Jerusalem-both old and new, Tel Aviv-historic sites and museums, The Shefela Lowlands and biblical sites, The Gush Etzion block including Hebron and Rachel's Tomb, Dead Sea region including Ein Gedi and Masada and Judean Desert, Beer Sheva, Arad and The Negev including Makteshim and Mitzpe Ramon, Arava and Eilat. Check out some of our sample itineraries. Each one can and will be personalized just for you!


Israel is your home! It's your Holyland, Come experience like never before. 


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